Oral Health Education Program

Preschools:  dresses up like the Smile Fairy, read child-friendly dental books about the importance of teeth & how to keep them healthy.  Every child receives a new toothbrush.         

Elementary Ages: promotes and educates children about the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth through brushing and flossing, regular dental visits, eating healthy foods, and addressing oral health topics.  We distribute age-appropriate toothbrushes for every student.


Junior High and High School Ages:  Provide hands-on oral hygiene instructions with disclosing tablets and oral health tools.  Educates preventive strategies and knowledge they need to protect their smiles and the importance of oral health to overall health.  Every student receives a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

Classroom Visits


  • Early Childhood & Family Education (ECFE) in Owatonna, MN
  • Owatonna Community Education:  Bright Beginnings and Little Learners
  • Little Huskies
  • Semcac Head Start Programs
  • Wee Pals in Owatonna
  • Cedar Kids
  • Associated Preschool
  • Good Shepherd Preschool
  • Trinity Preschool

Owatonna Schools:

    • Owatonna Christian preschool and Kindergarten classrooms
    • Owatonna Choice Academy
    • Lincoln Elementary 1st Grade
    • Lincoln Elementary 5th Grade
    • McKinley Elementary 5th Grade
    • Washington Elementary Kindergarten
    • Washington Elementary 1st Grade
    • Washington Elementary Montessori
    • Wilson Kindergarten classrooms
    • Wilson Elementary 1st Grade
    • Owatonna High School Special Education classrooms
    • Alternative Learning Center in Owatonna

Steele County:

  • Medford 1st Grade
  • NHREG Pre-K/Kindergarten
  • NRHEG 5th Grade
  • NRHEG 10th Grade


  • There’s No Place Like Home DayCare
  • Mary Butler-Fraiser Daycare
  • Jackie Pearson Daycare
  • Natasha Talemantes Daycare
  • Cheryl Braget Daycare
  • Janet Harvey Daycare
  • Ashley Mork Daycare


  • Blooming Prairie Youth Club

To schedule an appointment or presentation:
please call or text: 507-363-3023
Email: letssmile@outlook.com